CRC reaches consensus on Phase 1 recommendations

“The Constitutional Reform Committee (CRC) has now signed-off on the list of
recommendations and the document is being prepared for signature of Committee
members”, stated the Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Marlene Malahoo
The announcement was made at the launch of the European Union funded 3-year project by
Jamaicans for Justice titled ‘Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Jamaica through
education, advocacy and legal support services’, earlier today at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.
The recommendations seek to address matters in Phase 1 of the Constitutional Reform Work
Programme, which includes the abolition of the Monarchy, establishment of the Republic of
Jamaica, and proposed amendments to the deeply entrenched provisions for which a
referendum is required.
The Minister further disclosed that the report will be presented to the Cabinet, tabled in the
Parliament, and given a national forum for the public to debate it in its entirety.
She opined that “there are many lessons to be learnt about how the work is done and it is
my hope that we will demonstrate in a real way…that will build the trust and consensus
that is required to move the work forward”.
During her keynote address, the Minister reported that Jamaica has made notable advancements
in human rights with the replacement of Chapter III of the Constitution with the Charter of
Fundamental Rights and Freedoms “which guarantees rights by virtue of the inherent
dignity of the person and as persons of free and democratic societies”.
The Ministry recognizes the invaluable contributions of the various stakeholders, including
civil society organizations, advocacy groups, and grassroots movements, in championing
human rights causes and advocating for positive change. The Ministry reaffirms its dedication
to collaborating and partnering with our stakeholders.

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