Changing the Constitution Part 1 & 2

Constitutional Change - Now or Never

Modernising Ja's Constitution

Her Majesty - The Arguments

Jamaica's Long & Winding Road

Ready, set, republic by Jamaica 70

Republican Frivolity, John Hearne,Sept 20, 1983

Republic: JLP, PNP disagree over appointment of President

Slow-walking Republicanism

SSRC, Constitutional Reform in the English -Speaking Caribbean - Challenges and Prospects

What is a republic - John Rapley

Australia (Bill to Alter Constitution) 1999

Constitution Amendment Act of Barbados

Constitution of Barbados

Constitution Amendment Act of Trinidad and Tobago

Constitution of Mauritius Republican

Final Report of the Constitutional Commission of Jamaica,1994

Constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Interpretation Act, 1889, UK

Green Paper on Constitutional Reform, 2007

Final Report of the JSC of the Houses of Parliament on Constitutional and Eletoral Reform, 1995

Jamaica Independence Act, 1962,10 & 11 ELIZ. 2 CH. 40

Interpretation Act, Jamaica

Jamaica Independence Act, 1962

Summary of Constitutional Reform Recommendations of the JSC of the Houses of Parliament on Constitutional & Electoral Reform

Jamaica Independence Constitution, 1962

Report of the Constitutional Review Commission of Barbados, 1998

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